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This pioneering document, commissioned with the primary objective of ensuring that blockchain systems align with and promote European values, marks a pivotal moment in the realm of blockchain technology and its ethical implications within the EU framework.

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In our era of rapidly advancing technology, the detrimental consequences of Moloch's race, a metaphor for self-perpetuating competitive behaviour that leads to suboptimal or catastrophic outcomes, can be mitigated through innovative concepts like 'decentralised brands'. These ideas represent a...

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During the rapid development and increased interest in blockchain during the last few years, different processes that benefit from the fact that they are being implemented with blockchain technology have gained attention. Tokenization is one of the processes on which the spotlight of blockchain...

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This report is the first of a series of brief papers relating to the main legal aspects of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The aim is to highlight NFT characteristics and provide an extensive but not exhaustive overview of the legal classification and frameworks across the globe. The report places a...

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An academic paper preparedby the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, academic partner of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum