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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
News article29 November 20231 min read

PRESS RELEASE: The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Announces the Release of a Landmark Report on Blockchain Interoperability.

press release


Brussels, 29/11/2023

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Announces the Release of a Landmark Report on Blockchain Interoperability.

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is thrilled to announce the publication of its comprehensive report, "The Current State of Interoperability Between Blockchain Networks." This pioneering document offers an in-depth analysis of the existing landscape, challenges, and prospects of blockchain interoperability, a crucial component in the evolution of blockchain technology.

Key Findings and Highlights from the Report:

  • The report delves into the concept of interoperability in the blockchain context, defining it as the ability of different blockchain networks to effectively communicate, exchange data, and tokens. This capability is pivotal for the expansion and practical application of blockchain technology across various sectors.
  • Interoperability is not just a technical necessity but a foundational element for the broader adoption of blockchain technology. It enables diverse blockchain systems to link up, enhancing their collective efficiency, reach, and scope. This integration is essential for realizing the full potential of decentralized systems.
  • The report identifies key challenges in achieving interoperability, such as varying architectures, consensus mechanisms, and governance models across blockchain networks. It also explores the potential opportunities that enhanced interoperability can bring, including the development of new use cases and applications.
  • The document presents various approaches to interoperability, such as public connectors, atomic swap protocols, and application-specific blockchains. It also provides insights into the future of blockchain interoperability, emphasizing the need for ongoing research and collaborative efforts to address existing challenges.

Implications and Impact:

  • The report's findings are significant for policymakers, developers, industry stakeholders, and the broader blockchain community. It underscores the importance of standardization, ethical considerations, and the development of robust frameworks to achieve seamless interoperability.
  • The insights from the report could pave the way for more integrated and efficient blockchain ecosystems, driving innovation and fostering a more inclusive digital environment.

The report is available for download here.

About EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum:

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is a European initiative designed to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU. It serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering debate, and promoting European actors in the blockchain space.

Contact Information: For more information about the report or the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, please contact Tonia Damvakeraki, EUBOF Managing Director, at tonia [dot] damvakerakiateublockchainforum [dot] eu (tonia[dot]damvakeraki[at]eublockchainforum[dot]eu)



Publication date
29 November 2023