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Decentralised Social Media Webinar


Publication date
19 October 2023


On the 18th of October, the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum organised an online webinar for discussing about Decentralised Social Media with the support of the experts that contributed to the respective report to be published soon. Check out the keynote presentation by Sinica Sinica Alboaie, of Axiologic Research, and the panel discussion moderated by Dr. Kristina Livitckaia, CERTH/ITI with our esteemed panelists

  • Prof. Joshua Ellul, Center for DLT, University of Malta
  • Associate Prof. Catarina Ferreira da Silva, Habilitation at ISCTE, University Institute of Lisbon
  • Dr. Ioannis Revolidis, Center for DLT, University of Malta
  • Amit Joshi, Founder& CEO HashPrix and 
  • Daniel Szegö, DLT Architect, EU Blockchain Observatory& Forum Expert Panel