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News article23 May 20231 min read

BC100+ A Collaborative Effort for Blockchain for a Sustainable Future


BC100+ is an initiative that brings together multiple stakeholders to join forces for a common goal: a more sustainable future for us all.

How? A collaborative approach is vital to achieving sustainability due to the multifaceted and global nature of environmental challenges. Sustainability issues, like climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource scarcity, do not respect political or geographical boundaries and can't be effectively tackled by a single entity or nation. They require coordinated efforts from various stakeholders, including governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Moreover, different perspectives and expertise can foster innovation and comprehensive solutions. Collaborative efforts also help to share resources and responsibilities, spreading the economic and logistical burden of sustainability initiatives, thereby making them more feasible and impactful. This gain more important considering the variety of stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem.

At its core, blockchain is important for sustainability because it provides transparency, security, and immutability while also empowering individuals and communities. These features allow for accurate tracking and verification of transactions and activities, making it easier to ensure and enforce sustainable practices. Whether it's validating the origin of goods to avoid illegal or unethical practices, or managing carbon credit exchanges to reduce carbon emissions, blockchain can foster trust and accountability in systems crucial for a sustainable future.

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Publication date
23 May 2023