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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
News article21 December 20202 min read

December Newsletter of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum



Following up our announcement on the INATBA's and EUBOF's Public MiCA Task Force initiative, led by INATBA's Finance Working Group. Thanks to the significant interest raised, we are excited to be moving into the next stage, collecting feedback via a survey that is linked on the task force home page.

The results of this survey will be analysed and brought to the European  Commission, Parliament and member states, using INATBA's platform to make an impact. Together we will help protect the future of crypto-assets in Europe and internationally!

Workshops - Stay tuned for updates

Our next workshop focused on the "Markets on Crypto-Assets (MiCa) Regulation", will take place on the 19th of January 2021. The event will bring together academics, policy regulators and the industry, to discuss what is the future of crypto-assets in Europe and beyond.

Visit our website and find out more.

Previous events

Our workshop onUse of blockchain technologies in the agri-food sector” took place on the 23rd of November. With more than 300 registrants and more than 200 participants, the workshop brought together experts in blockchain technologies with actors along the agri-food supply chain to discuss how to further exploit the potential of blockchain technologies in the agri-food sector. Check out the recording of the event session on our YouTube channel, as well as the event presentations.


  • Our first thematic report focusing on EU blockchain ecosystem developments is now online! We are happy to have your feedback and comments! 
  • The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum’s first Trends Report is now available. This report is sheding light on the latest developments and trends on blockchain technology with a special focus on market developments, technological advancements and news on legislation and framework conditions.
  • The next upcoming report, expected to be published in February 2021, will be focused on Central Bank Digital Currencies.

EUBOF Expert Panel

Thank you so much to those that have already contacted us for applying to be part of our Expert Panel.

Due to the large number of applications, we have introduced the form below for potential members of the Expert Panel. All applications received by email, sent to paula [dot] grzegorzewskaateublockchainforum [dot] eu (paula[dot]grzegorzewska[at]eublockchainforum[dot]eu), are valid and can still be sent via email, however, we strongly encourage you to use the online form to make the process more efficient.


Inputs from the community have a major role in shaping these publications. Conversations are happening every day between the members of the community. Register today! Become part of the conversation. Stay in the loop. Make connections and share knowledge, tips and ideas.


Publication date
21 December 2020