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News article19 July 20231 min read

DeFi Horizons: Convergence of Regulators, Industry, and Academia

DeFi Report cover

Introducing "DeFi Horizons: Convergence of Regulators, Industry, and Academia" 📄

Our ground-breaking event, held on June 12th, 2023, brought together IOTA, EUCI, EBA, EUBOF, Cornell University and members of the European Commission and the AMF to raise awareness about the need to bring together different stakeholders, such as industry players, regulators, and academia, to discuss the current status of DeFi, including its associated risks and potential regulatory approaches. By facilitating these discussions, the event aimed to foster a well-informed ecosystem that can collectively navigate the evolving DeFi landscape.  

This report captures the valuable insights shared during the event from industry leaders, regulators, and academics, shaping the future regulatory landscape.

Special thanks to Mariana de la Roche,  IOTA Foundation & INATBA; Marina Markezic and Anja Blaj, EUCI; Erwin Voloder, EBA, and Tonia Damvakeraki, for the organisation of the event and the consolidation of the report as well as their overal efforts to bring regulatory clarity to the blockchain ecosystem.


Publication date
19 July 2023