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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
News article20 January 20211 min read

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Multipliers Toolkit

multiplier e-kit

Our mission

Our mission is to highlight key developments of the blockchain technology, promote dialogue and help strengthen partnerships in Europe and beyond. We are also committed to enhancing the understanding of technology, applications and the larger economic ecosystems where blockchain plays an important role. Our goal is to build an active community of experts and deepen our global knowledge base.

By building on existing European blockchain initiatives, ensuring they work across borders, consolidating expertise, and above all seizing the opportunities that blockchain’s new paradigms offer citizens and economy, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is making significant contributions. It’s fulfilling the European Commission’s blockchain objectives.

Share the Knowledge

To spread the word about blockchain and its potential, the Observatory and Forum carries out a series of educational initiatives – from webinars open to the public to more specific initiatives tailored to particular audiences. The website also features a collection of valuable educational resources, such as an introduction to Blockchain and FAQs. As one of the major breakthroughs of the past decade, blockchain technology allows large groups of people and organisations to reach agreement on and permanently record information without a central authority. Blockchain is an important tool for building a fair, inclusive, secure and democratic digital economy. By recording data immutably, blockchain helps build users’ trust in the authenticity of data they will analyse, such as the data used for statistical purposes. Europe and its citizens stand to benefit from a prospering, blockchain‑driven, Web 3.0 industry in many ways. Blockchain can be particularly transformative in the public sector, where it can contribute to greater efficiency and transparency in government. It can also be used to improve life-essential supply chains such as those for food and medicines by providing transparency and traceability throughout the chain.

Get involved

Join us in our effort to inform the public and grow the blockchain community!

Our ready to use multiplier toolkit is available for further spreading the word:

Presentation of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum:

20 JANUARY 2021
EU Blockchain Observatory Presentation.pdf

Informative leaflet

20 JANUARY 2021
EU Blockchain Observatory leaflet.pdf




Publication date
20 January 2021