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News article29 August 20231 min read

EU Blockchain Week 2023: 6&7 of October 2023 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Welcome to the EUBOF & EBSI-VECTOR Joint Conference, Ljubljana, from 6-7 October 2023.

The conference is organized in the framework of the European Blockchain Week (,  by the Digital Innovation Hub Blockchain for Trusted Data Ecosystems, the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, Slovenia, Technology Park Ljubljana and the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

Following recent developments in the field of blockchain/DLT, we are focusing this year on very interconnected topics. First, the regulatory framework taking into account MiCA, DLT Pilot Regime, challenges from the Data Act and other regulatory environments which can have a strong impact on the future developments of blockchain technology. Second, the actions to start building a strong blockchain ecosystem in Europe and worldwide, taking into account EBSI use cases, such as EBSI-VECTOR, TRACE4EU and trying to find the way of wider adoption of blockchain technology. As interoperability of different blockchain infrastructures and protocols is pre-condition of the mass adoption of blockchain, we will highlight how some of the infrastructures have a potential to become interoperable with EBSI and therefore open the ramp for further development not only for blockchain infrastructure in Europe, but also for creating the basis for implementation of Web 3.0 elements to build strong advanced environment. On the other hand, the sustainability of the technology can be achieved either by the convergence of technologies and use of the compatibilities for the most efficient use of different advanced digital technologies, or it can be shown how the technology itself generates sustainability in different fields of industry and economy. Showcasing this through use cases will bring us to pre-COP 28 presentation of use cases, in the field of energy efficiency, circular economy, smart cities and communities, sustainable transport and sustainable water treatment through the use of advanced digital technologies.


The event is free of charge and you may register here.

Venue: CITY Hotel Ljubljana

Dalmatinova 15, 1000 Ljubljana

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Publication date
29 August 2023