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News article10 October 20233 min read

EU Blockchain Week 2023 - Ljubljana, Slovenia: Follow up


The EU Blockchain Week 2023 is now over, and we are very happy that our two-days event brought together the Blockchain community from several European countries and beyond! We were extremely excited to see the engagement to the topics of discussion and the exchange of views between the amazing experts that participated during our various panels.

The EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum organised this event in close collaboration with the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development, the University of Ljubljana and the Technology Park Ljubljana. 

We are particularly thankful to Nena Dokuzov, Vlado  Stankovski and Ales Pevc, but we would like to also mention the key contributors to the discussions during the two days:

  • Pierre Marro (EC), Dr Charis Savvides (University of Nicosia), Patrick Hansen (Circle), Marina Markežič (EUCI) and Mariana de la Roche (EUBOF Expert Panel, IOTA) who paricipated in our first panel on Policy Making & Regulatory Issues, moderated by Nena Dokuzov

  • Dr Ksenija Vidmar Horvat (Vice Rector for study, University of Ljubljana), Dr Elias Iosif (University of Nicosia), Prof. Zorislav Sojat (DAP Project - Democratization of Academic Publications, IRB), Alan Mlekuž (Pro-bit), Dionysios Solomos (Exelia - CHAISE Project), Paul Aartsen (European Software Skills Alliance) and Emanuele Cisbani (Resume credentials) who participated in our secon panel on Education and Skills moderated by Marcela Tuler de Oliveira (TU DELFT).

  • Miroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha) who made a presentation of the Climate Change Coalition during our session on Sustainability of business model for blockchain in Europe/ creating a sustainable business model for future of blockchain in Europe.
  • Dr John Soldatos (Netcompany),  Dr Joshua Ellul (University of Malta), Marcela Tuler de Oliveira, (TU DELFT), Alex Nascimento,  Jose Jacob K who participated in our third panel on Blockchain & Converging Technologies, moderated by Manos Papangelou (EUBOF).
  • Roman Beck (EBSI – Vector project), Steffen Schwalm (EBSI-Trace4EU project), Bruno Kinyaga and Farrukh Aimdjanov (UNIDO, Tanzania blockchain infrastructure), Branimir Rakić (Trace Labs, Core Developers of the OriginTrail), Jose Cantera (IOTA use case), and Caroline Barelle (ONTOCHAIN project), for our fourth panel on Interoperability of Blockchain Platforms/ Networks moderated by Nikolaos Kostopoulos (Netcompany, EUBOF).
  • Prof George Giaglis (IFF - University of Nicosia), Marc Taverner (CEO, Bluesphere Solutions), Dr Ioannis Revolidis (EUBOF Expert Panel/ University of Malta), Jakob Sočanu (Reeba XR  and WMC), Andrej Kotar (Endava), Dr Jane Thomason (Metaverse Infrastructure) who participated in our 5th panel on Metaverse & Web3.0, moderated by Ales Pevc (Technology Park Ljubljana).  
  • Mariana de La Roche (IOTA, BC100+),  Garbriela Chang (EthicHub),  Katherine Foster (Green Digital Finance Alliance & Board Member EU EIT Food),  Antonio Lanotte (EUBOF Expert Panel) and Denis Petrovčič (Blocksquare) who participated in our 6th panel on Sustainable Finance, moderated by Marina Niforos (EUBOF Expert Panel).
  • Prof. Dr. Ingrid Vasiliou Feltes (EUBOF Expert Panel), Tomaž Levak (Trace Labs, Core Developers of the OriginTrail, Circular economy and circular construction), Daniel Avdagic (Sustainable transport - AVLiving Lab), Oscar Wendel (World trade center sustainable focus - future blockchain summit) and Sunita Khatri (Dubai World trade Center) who participated in our last but not least panel, on Sustainable Business Models for environmental pillars - targeting SDGs, moderated by Nena Dokuzov.   

Some of the key takeaways from the event are summarised below: 

❇️ the development of blockchain ecosystem together with the development of the infrastructure and services should go hand in hand with the regulatory framework
❇️ there is a strong connection between blockchain and sustainability #SDGs
❇️ if Web2 means strong competition, #Web3 means strong cooperation
❇️ we cannot finance advanced project in traditional way, the need for sustainable finance is evident here as well!

Thank you so much for joining us for this event and we look forward to welcoming you on board for more to come!



Publication date
10 October 2023