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News article5 October 20212 min read

European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement

zenbrudge, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert's consortium appointed to take EBSI to the next level

Amsterdam, September 21st

The consortium formed by, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert, has been selected by the European Commission as one of seven contractors to develop the next version of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

The award is one more milestone in the consortium's track record of excellence with cryptography and blockchain, after led the flagship H2020 project DECODE, RIDDLE&CODE's blockchain solutions are deployed in banking and utility markets Europe wide and InfoCert being the largest Certification Authority at European level and eIDAS certified QTSP.

The European Commission's vision for EBSI is to leverage distributed ledger technologies to create international and intra-communautaire services for public administrations. The European Blockchain Partnership aims to scale the investment fund to a fully developed platform with up to €2 billion in funding.

The consortium led by the non-profit foundation is developing a multilayered network of blockchains for distributed secure execution of smart contracts, including edge-computing scenarios deployed on low-power embedded devices and chips. The blockchain-agnostic solution offers compatibility with a wide range of products to grant freedom of choice to participating member states and solution developers. Existing integrations include BigchainDB, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth and Bitcoin.'s Zenroom is the core component of the solution. Its portable and secure smart-contract execution environment works standalone (zero dependency) even in a web browser. It can be programmed in a language similar to plain English and guarantees to be functional and portable for two decades to come. Dr. Francesca Bria, president of the Italian National Innovation Fund Cassa Depositi e Prestiti comments: "Zenroom stands for Citizen Crypto. It is a core part of the DECODE tech stack for Smart Cities and it makes it easy to understand the complexity of data transformation while being compatible with any platform, including Legacy Infrastructure. We make Crypto for Citizens and we make it Open Source."

Each member of this consortium gathers together a mature experience developing and deploying industrial standards, as well as facilitating open source community adoption of technologies, including the presence in major blockchain standardisation initiatives such as ISO TC/307, INATBA, W3C and Sovrin.

The combination of blockchain-specific hardware solutions for critical infrastructures, developed by RIDDLE&CODE, will help turn data sources into trusted ones and lay the foundation for EBSI's automated processes and scalability. The combination of InfoCert's leadership and scale when providing services for digital trust, security and identity management complying with standards will allow Europe to adopt mature blockchain solutions to mission-critical environments.

For the initial phase of EBSI's procurement, the consortium proposes a revolutionary solution for a European Digital Product Passport. As a path to success, the consortium plans to work actively to create an open "playing field" in Europe that can easily integrate a diversity of solutions and open this promising industrial field to new players from the public and private sectors.

Find out more on the European pre-commercial procurement in the Press release and Leaflet below:

5 OCTOBER 2021
5 OCTOBER 2021
EBSI Leaflet.pdf


Publication date
5 October 2021