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News article5 October 20212 min read

European blockchain week 2021: summing up key messages



European Blockchain Week 2021, with more than 120 panellists, 25 panels, workshops and roundtables, and more than 1,200 participants from 86 countries, was one of the soundest events in the framework of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Below you can find some of the key messages of the event summed up by the organisers.

  • The enhanced application of advanced digital technologies in Slovenia and Europe, with the purpose of strengthening the resilience within the green and digital economy and society, are the main objectives followed by Next Generation EU and the European Green Deal.
  • Showcasing the leading role of Slovenia in the area of blockchain technologies and AI, while at the same time creating a stronger blockchain ecosystem, which is important in the field of transfer of knowledge, the development and application of technological solutions, and the creation of regulatory solutions to adapt legislation to the requirements of new technologies.
  • Deployment of advanced digital technologies shall not remain solely in the domain of SMEs and startups, but shall also play an important role in the transformation of large and traditional companies, which transform their business processes in cooperation with SMEs and startups.
  • The opportunity to strengthen the commitment on the use of advanced digital technologies in Slovenia and the EU was highlighted, as it is expected that in the period after the COVID-19 pandemic the use of such technologies will enable faster economic and social recovery; the conference brought up the conclusion that blockchain and AI are here to stay and significantly contribute to the European Green deal, predominantly in the areas of energy efficiency, circular economy, mitigation of climate change and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 2030.
  • Strengthening policy dialogue in certain areas of intervention and integrating blockchain and AI solutions into EU strategic and policy documents is an important tool in the design and implementation of common European legislation on blockchain based eID, self sovereign identity, and a digital finance package based on DLT/blockchain technology.

In the field of blockchain ecosystems there is ongoing transfer of knowledge and supporting activities for blockchain projects, and various forms of startup engagement have been developed. While ecosystems must be further strengthened on the European level and globally, there is an opportunity for cross-border and cross-region cooperation, which can be enabled through interregional partnerships, such as the EU-Africa partnership on the stakeholder level, and interoperable infrastructure on the technological level, such as integrated national blockchain infrastructures and upgrading of European blockchain services infrastructure.

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Publication date
5 October 2021