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News article15 March 20221 min read

Forecasting Framework for the Anticipation of Future Blockchain Skill Needs

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The CHAISE team has developed a Forecasting Framework for the Anticipation of Future Blockchain Skill Needs, and would like to ask blockchain stakeholders and practitioners to review and validate the key findings.

You are invited to participate in the validation process by responding to the following survey

This survey is repeated on an annual basis with the aim to a) validate the project’s forecasting results for Blockchain skills demand and supply and b) identify changes in skills requirements, as compared to the previous year, for the three main BC occupational profiles; namely Blockchain Architect, Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Manager.


  • Organisations having incorporated or planning to incorporate Blockchain/DLT in their operations, and retain or are in need of staff with relevant skills.
  • Sector representatives and social partners
  • Academics and researchers
  • Experienced IT professionals
  • Tech journalists and field experts

In all cases, survey participants need to have a good understanding of Blockchain/DLT and be aware of internal (organisational) realities

The survey is divided into clear subsections and will not require more than 15-20 minutes to complete.



Publication date
15 March 2022