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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
News article1 January 20181 min read

Goals and scope of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Goals and scope of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The call to set-up a European Expertise Hub on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies was issued by the European Commission on July 21, 2017.

Below is a copy of the announcement of the goals and scope of the Forum, with a link to the detailed call for tenders.

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum should help identify and provide analysis of the technological and organisational trends of emerging issues in an agile way. It should identify and build on existing initiatives and organise discussions and workshops around topics where acting at EU level would be required or would have an impact (e.g. on regulatory issues) in an open, constructive and reactive way. It should play a proactive role to help the EU to stay at the forefront, build expertise and show leadership in the field.

The specific objectives to be reached by the future European Blockchain Observatory and Forum over 2 years are:

  • Identify relevant existing blockchain initiatives, monitor and analyse blockchain developments and trends, as well as the potential implications in terms of risks and opportunities for Europe;
  • Develop and provide expertise and support learning from existing initiatives, notably concerning the role that should be played at EU level and possible specific actions that are needed here;
  • Create an attractive and transparent forum to engage with stakeholders, facilitate experience sharing and reflections on such possible specific actions, animate / lead expert and public debate by involving notably public authorities, regulators and supervisors.

The call for tenders will remain open until 25 September 2017.

Download the PDF and read details on the Technical specifications of the tender.


Publication date
1 January 2018