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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
News article24 June 20215 min read

June 2021 Newsletter


Official Newsletter of the European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum

We are pleased to present you with our monthly update on the activities of the European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum. This edition of the #EUBlockchain newsletter includes a brief roundup of upcoming workshops and publications.


New members join the Expert Panel of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum

New members will support the work of the European Blockchain Observatory and bring new expertise on board in areas such as AI, sustainability, smart contracts and others.

The Expert Panel provides input to the Observatory’s trend and thematic reports, workshops and other activities, bringing unique expertise in technical, legal and practitioners’ and academic aspects of the technology. You can see the full list of experts who joined us in January here. The group has been operating for half a year now and allows for a cross-sectoral, global and diversified analysis of current blockchain trends and future challenges and opportunities. New experts will extend this expertise and work with us on future reports and other activities. As usual, the experts were chosen with expertise, gender and geographical balance in mind and we are honoured to have such high-level members. This engagement lasts for an initial period of one year.

Thank you to everyone who sent their application, we carefully considered each and one of them. We tried to select those that intersect with focus areas of this edition of the Observatory and bring diverse, global expertise to the project.

New members of the Expert Panel of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum:

● Amit Joshi - CEO, Founder HashPrix

● Anna Burzykowska - Copernicus Innovation Officer, European Space Agency

● Ash Costello - Privacy in blockchain consultant, GDPR Designers

● Bo Hembæk Svensson - Advisor, Nordic Blockchain Association

● Carlos Pastor Matut - DLT Innovation Head, BME; ESSIF Convenor, EBSI-ESSIF; Identity Commission Lead, Alastria

● Christian Miccoli - Founder and CEO Conio SRL

● Claudia Di Bernardino - Partner, TMSHELL Law Firm

● David Galindo - Head of Cryptography,;p Associate Professor in Computer Security, University of Birmingham

● Eugenio Reggianini - Manager, CarbonBlue Innovations - Hyperledger Linux Foundation

● Frederik De Breuck - CDO / CTO, Head of the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center, Fujitsu

● Joshua Ellul - Director of Center for DLT,University of Malta; Chairperson, Malta Digital Innovation Authority

● Kristina Lillieneke - Founder/LL.M., Blackbird Law AB

● Lan van Wassenaer - Senior scientist, Wageningen Economic Research

● Marcin Piotr Pawłowski - Research Assistant Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences

● Maria Grazia Vigliotti - Director, Sandblocks Consulting

● Matthew Niemerg - CEO, Aleph Zero Foundation

● Miquel Gouarre Baro - Founder & manager, Andorra Telecom

● Nadia C. Fabrizio - Researchers Account and Foresight Expert CEFRIEL, Politecnico di Milano

● Stefan Kai Loesch - CEO, Institute for Decentralised Crypto Asset Professionals

● Urko Larrañaga Piedra - Lead of Blockchain, IZERTIS

● Zara Zamani - Head of Disruptive Technologies, Meta Bytes


Workshops - Third party events

Previous events

Our workshop on "Decentralised Networks’ Governance" took place on the 9th of June. With more than 150 participants, the workshop brough together representatives from the industry, academia, research and policy to discuss DAOs and their operation. Check out the recording of the event session on our YouTube channel, as well as the event presentations in our website.

Upcoming Events

Our next workshop will be focused on “Demystifying Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)” and will be organised on the 22nd of July 2021.

The workshop will

  • Provide a general overview of Non-Fungible Tokens: what are they? How do they work? Are they the new “hype”?
  • Presentation of use-cases, including crypto, smart contracts, and other applications.
  • Finance regulatory - token classification, issuer requirements, and service provider requirements.
  • Civil law aspects - ownership, possession, transfer, acquisition, Data protection, IP law, taxation.
  • And more!

Registration is now open!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Recent EUBOF publications

EUBOF proudly presents its new thematic report on Central Bank Digital Currencies & a Euro for the Future, identifying and evaluating eight (8) alternative design architectures for the digital euro.

The EUBOF report, coordinated by the Institute For the Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia, goes a step further from previous efforts, by considering specific design options for the digital euro and evaluating them against the core principles and requirements set by the ECB. 

Visit our website to download and read our report!

Upcoming EUBOF publications

By the end of June, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum will publish its next thematic report focusing on Energy Efficiency of Blockchain Technologies.


“Blockchain technology is secured and maintained by a vast network of miners to solve increasingly-complex computational problems. It's important that clean-energy technology is used to satisfy the rising blockchain ecosystem's usage needs."


"This surging demand for cryptocurrencies and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions have highlighted a critical issue: the technology's growing energy consumption and its impact on our climate."

Stay tuned for more updates!

Other publications

Are you interested in finding out about the blockchain market characteristics? Read the Chaise project report "Study on Blockchain labour market characteristics" that has just been published and check out the


Map of blockchain education and training initiatives

We are proud to present our new website functionality, offering a mapping of existing blockchain training and educational initiatives in Europe and the world!

We invite all organisations offering such training or educational programmes to provide information on their initiatives by completing a simple online form. All entries will be reviewed by our team in terms of relevance and completeness of information and will then be made available  on the map.

Users will be able to trace down relevant information on training and education offering based on specific criteria, including country, language, type of courses offered, type of certification, etc.

Visit our website and find out more!

Blockchain initiatives and projects in a map!

Are you aware of any blockchain related initiatives or projects in your country? Are you the owner of any initiatives or project related to blockchain?

Provide the relevant information by simply filling in this form and put your project in the map!

Initiatives include: startups, non for profit organisations, academic research, open source projects, consortium, government or corporate initiatives, foundations and other.

Find out more by visiting our website.


Inputs from the community have a major role in shaping these publications. Conversations are happening every day between the members of the community.

Register today! Become part of the conversation. Stay in the loop. Make connections and share knowledge, tips and ideas.


Publication date
24 June 2021