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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
News article9 February 20221 min read

New Thematic Report: Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Report Cover


The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum proudly presents the newly published report "Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Sector". The report 

  • provides an overview of challenges in the healthcare industry, blockchain applications for healthcare data and transparency
  • presents blockchain applications for pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain and blockchain in medical credentialing,
  • includes experts' opinion on opportunities and challenges
  • discusses the role of blockchain in COVID-19 pandemic management
  • explores regulatory, privacy and ethical implications, including health data accuracy as well as regulatory and ethical considerations
  • gives a practical overview of what the future holds, through the presentation of relevant use cases
  • explains the challenges and future prospects while it discusses relevant policy recommendations.



You can read or download the report here.


Publication date
9 February 2022