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News article27 June 20232 min read


ontochain hackathons

Press Release - June 2023

Prizes up to 3.000€, interviews, certificates, and more


The EU-funded project ONTOCHAIN has just announced new dates for the ONTOCHAIN Hackathons. Web3 innovators are now invited to demonstrate their skills in developing applications to solve real-world challenges on:

  • 28 & 29 July: Hackathon #1 - Developing trustworthy applications that address human rights
  • 04 & 05 August: Hackathon #2 - Developing trustworthy applications for commerce & other services

After careful consideration and feedback from ONTOCHAIN’s vibrant community, the organisers have decided to give it a little extra time for potential participants to marinate their ideas and make the experience even more spectacular for all involved.

The ONTOCHAIN Hackathons will be a fun and exciting opportunity for students, as well as experienced developers, researchers and startups to put their ideas to the test, showcase their talent, and improve their skills pitching in front of experts.

“The ONTOCHAIN Hackathons participants will have the chance to demonstrate their competences in leveraging ONTOCHAIN functionalities and services. The winners will get featured in an interview published among a high reputation and vibrant community of web3.0 innovators, receive a certificate from a pan-European NGI web 3.0 initiative, and last but not least win prizes up to 3000€!” - Caroline Barelle, ONTOCHAIN Project Coordinator.

Applications for the online ONTOCHAIN Hackathons are open until 21 July 2023 (17:00 CEST) and participation is limited to 20 teams per Hackathon.

More information about the ONTOCHAIN Hackathons is available at the dedicated webpage.


Under the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet initiative, the ONTOCHAIN project was launched to contribute to a more human-centered Internet, an internet that fosters values of privacy, collaboration, diversity and more broadly human rights and democracy of utmost importance for the EU.

In practice, ONTOCHAIN enables the co-design, development and implementation of a new generation of trustful and decentralized web applications, federating blockchain and semantic technologies for different application domains such as eScience, eEducation, eHealth, eGovernment, eCommerce, eInfrastructures and so on.

In more specific terms ONTOCHAIN provides funding to internet innovators for developing blockchain-based knowledge management solutions that address the challenge of secure and transparent knowledge management as well as service interoperability on the Internet.

The project is operated by 7 partners with complementary expertise that form the core of a vibrant ecosystem: European Dynamics (Luxembourg), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), IntelliSemantic (Italy), iExec Blockchain Tech (France), Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), German Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Greece) and F6S (Ireland).


Publication date
27 June 2023