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News article26 March 20211 min read

In our March2021 Trends Report, read about latest updates on...

March Trends Report

Policy &Legal Framework Developments

  • European Central Bank advises on the European Commission's proposed regulation on Markets on Crypto-assets
  • European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee report on proposed regulation on pilot regime for market infrastructures based on Distributed Ledger Technology
  • ESMA warns about risks of "non-regulated" cryptocurrencies
  • INATBA Task Force on MiCA regulation proposal
  • Eurasian Economic Union fails to reach consensus on harmonisation of laws on cryptocurrencies in EU
  • BaFin issues fresh warning against cryptocurrencies
  • Regulations on blockchain around the world

Technological Developments

  • The German Digital Health Passport to use Blockchain
  • IOTA announcing Smart Contracts Protocol Alpha Release
  • Ethereum confirms  Berlin Hard Fork date
  • Vitalik Buterin proposes increasing Ethereum's addresssize from  20 to 32 bytes
  • ParaState is launching Web assembly-based Ethereum virtual machine (EWASM) as Polkadot Parachain
  • MetaMask Custom Network APIs are now supporting Layer 2 Protocols
  • NVIDIA launching CPM for professional mining

Latest Market Trends and Developments

  • The increasing global importance of Central Bank Digital Currencies 
  • The digital Yuan development
  • The cooperation of banks for CBDC creation
  • Other market news

Read all the details in our March Trends report!


Publication date
26 March 2021