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News article31 May 20211 min read

In our May 2021 Trends Report, you can read about the latest updates on...

May Trends report cover

Policy &Legal Framework Developments

Increased regulation and scrutiny of Cryptocurrency markets

  • Regulatory developments in Europe
  • Regulatory developments in the US
  • Regulatory developments in Asia and the Middle East

Latest Market Trends and Developments

Following a period of ecuberance during the first half of April, which saw Bitcoin (BTC) prices around USD 63 000 (approximately EUR 54 000), May was characterised by a more bearish environment. Ethereum and the broader cryptocurrency market falling up to 60% from all-time-highs on 12 May.

On the subject of blockchain technologies in terms of CBDC, it is easy to note with confidence that more and more countries are beginning to show interest in innovations of this kind and are beginning to study their potential introduction into their economies.

Technological Developments

  • Eth 2 latest updates
  • Bitcoin's Taproot upgrade
  • AURORA Layer 2 launching  on NEAR protocol
  • Understanding Flashbots
  • Towards External Calls and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • DFINITY Foundation launched the Internet Computer Network
  • Cardano and Scantrust collaboration
  • Chrysalis Network launched by IoTA
  • Oracles developed by Chainlink
  • Algorand Blockchain Open API Connector is live on the SAP API Business Hub
  • Stellar blockchain and the decentralisation power

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Publication date
31 May 2021