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News article27 May 20221 min read

Virtual Conference: Blockchain Skills Conference - 1st of June, 2022


Virtual Conference: Blockchain Skills Conference

The focus of this conference will be to analyse the demand and supply of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) skills. We will provide an examination of the current blockchain labour market within Ireland, the UK and the EU-27.

In particular, documenting the relevant sectors, occupations, skill requirements and blockchain demand and supply forecasts. This research comes as a response to the rapid expansion in the application of blockchain technologies and an increase in demand for blockchain skills which is likely to put pressure on the current labour market to provide the necessary skills.

The conference is created and supported in association with the Erasmus+ CHAISE Blockchain Skills for Europe, Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (Digit) and Blockchain Ireland’s Education, Skills and Innovation Working Group. This event coincides with Blockchain Ireland Week, from 30th May to 1st June. It welcomes expert contributions from sector representatives, education and training providers, and researchers. We look forward to a series of interesting presentations, followed by Q&A and discussion.

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Publication date
27 May 2022