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News article1 September 20221 min read


EBCW 2022

WORLD FUTURE VERSE CONFERENCE 2022                                                              

The World Future Verse Conference, hosted by Technology Park Ljubljana, is aimed at the brightest and most curious minds of our time. By bringing together leaders and creative visionaries from different industries, fostering their curiosity and gathering them in one space, we hope to ignite the light of innovation in each and every one of the participants.

More than 1,200 participants from around the world are expected. The World Future Verse Conference brings together great thinkers from the tech industry and summons talented content creators from all fields.

At the conference venue, the creators of the program promise a unique "Metaverse Theater" that will make visitors believe a fusion of an open space for the development of personal potential, digital skills and learning about the most advanced technologies. They will invite you into a virtual time machine and send you to the near future. Through the presentation of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, you will learn the concepts of Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain and discover the best version of yourself by choosing different avatars.

During the conference days, examples of best practices in the use of future technologies in business and industry will also be presented in the Bled Festival Hall. Visitors will have the opportunity to test and develop ideas in the field of metaverse and virtual and augmented reality technologies. Opportunities for support and vouchers for companies and start-ups operating in the metaverse will also be presented: XR and NFT.

Conference program and more information

For more information about the conference program, speakers and registration, please visit


Publication date
1 September 2022