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Decentralised Brands in Social Media Networks & Beyond


Publication date
4 December 2023


In our era of rapidly advancing technology, the detrimental consequences of Moloch's race, a metaphor for self-perpetuating competitive behaviour that leads to suboptimal or catastrophic outcomes, can be mitigated through innovative concepts like 'decentralised brands'. These ideas represent a shift from a singular unit of value (i.e., particular currency), advocating for a diversified and resilient system. Implementing decentralised brands inside decentralised social media networks may be a crucial first step towards this transformation. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology together with blockchain technology, we can counterbalance the inherent friction costs of decentralisation, thus facilitating the coexistence of various value systems. This shift from centralised structures to a more decentralised model fosters sustainable, inclusive, and resilient communities, providing a feasible strategy to evade the pitfalls of Moloch's race. The centralised nature of current social media platforms has raised concerns regarding data privacy, control, and manipulation. Decentralised social networks, characterised by distributed control and user empowerment, offer a promising strategy for creating decentralised brands. This paper outlines background and research ideas across multiple disciplines to understand better and achieve the vision of decentralisation that supports general social interests. 



13 DECEMBER 2023
EUBOF3.0 - Decentralised Brands in Social Media Networks and Beyond_1.pdf